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I Opened 100 Mystery Boxes and Found ______!

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  • κ²Œμ‹œμΌ 2023. 08. 24.
  • First fan mail opening video in 8 years.. I LOVE THESE!!
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  • @Cloud-nm8kb

    If you didn’t come from TikTok, you may like this comment!

  • @adriannarogers4170

    just the fact that Rug took the time to call the fan that said he was being bullied. Or even genuinely reading all the heartfelt letters. He’s more than just a youtuber, he genuinely cares and loves his supporters. He’s quickly become my new favorite because he never let the fame change him like most youtubers do

  • @Christy_cofer
    @Christy_cofer 21 일 μ „ +23

    Definitely a part 2 should come out!! This is dope content and so sweet of you rug to go through so much mail just to show appreciation for your fans

  • @bd8526
    @bd8526  +276

    The love he shows back to his fans is crazy πŸ’―

  • @Bullshark373

    Rug never fails to make me happy

  • @gracereyes7860

    I love how rug always surprises us and puts a smile on our faces :) 😊😊😊😊

  • @UFC2938

    I’m Aussie and I’m so proud to see you open something and get something from australia

  • @jabarwright4333

    The thing that stood out to me the most is that he actually called his fans that put their number down. That is as genuine as anything. Brian is absolutely incredible.

  • @zachgambash8414

    I love how Rug is always kind to his fans.❀️

  • @aliciaamber

    been watching since around 2017 brian! you’ve inspired me so many times. sending all my love all the way from england ❀️

  • @jonathanmcafee7670

    Thank you so so much for opening my package! I hope the babies love their dog tags! I had so much fun making them 🀍

  • @miriamllerena

    I’m from Texas been watching you since 2017 and now I can’t stop watching you. Thank you for always being the best version of yourself for us and for always making the best content.

  • @LuhZenny
    @LuhZenny  +41

    Amazing heartfelt/wholesome video as always love you Rug <3


    We all should appreciate faze rug for what he does for us ❀

  • @CarmeloTheCoolKid39020

    I love how rug is always entertaining us.

  • @EsthelaH27
    @EsthelaH27 28 일 μ „ +3

    Definitely need a part 2 my daughter was upset she wasn’t able to send you anything because we were on vacation but please open the P.O box ❀ you bring a lot of joy to my family every time we see your videos. Thank you πŸ™

  • @kahleshe
    @kahleshe  +18

    This is so amazing not only in general seeing KRcliprs open fan mail I wish you could do more videos of these like every other month or something this is a video series I would enjoy watching. There should be more than a part 2

  • @fazecl4ps

    i love how he makes me smile everyday

  • @aniluffly

    he always tries his best to include as many fans he could in each of his videos

  • @lindsywest3949

    I loved watching you open everything that you got! So heartfelt! Wish I could’ve sent you something maybe I can when you do a part two!!