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my brother moved out.. So I Built His DREAM Basketball Court

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  • κ²Œμ‹œμΌ 2023. 08. 29.
  • I surprised my brother @Brawadis with the coolest gift of ALL time!!
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  • Brawadis
    Brawadis κ°œμ›” μ „ +949

    Thank you so much for the gift bro!! I love it! BEST BROTHER AWARD GOES TO YOU

    • Jake Lobo
      Jake Lobo κ°œμ›” μ „ +11

      Love you bro

    • Paul smiles
      Paul smiles κ°œμ›” μ „ +7

      You deserve it πŸŽ‰β€

    • Soma Salih
      Soma Salih κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

      You are so nice❀

    • Seth Doucett
      Seth Doucett κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

      I’m so early hi Brandon I love you and faze rugs content

    • Nerfed
      Nerfed κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

      You deserve itπŸŽ‰

    GET 60K ROBUX BY SUBSCRIBING κ°œμ›” μ „ +13

    Rug never disappoints us let's all appreciate how much work he puts on his vids bless you and your whole family faze rugβ€β€πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žβ€β€!!!

  • Zahraa
    Zahraa κ°œμ›” μ „ +13

    I love how rug never disappoints us let’s just appreciate it❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

  • Anisha Hoque
    Anisha Hoque κ°œμ›” μ „ +18

    lets all appreciate how much hard work he puts in his vids. keep it up❀❀❀

  • Katy Hardesty
    Katy Hardesty κ°œμ›” μ „ +7

    Rug never fails to entertain us and is so giving to others ❀

  • 🌿Arliqyz🌿
    🌿Arliqyz🌿 κ°œμ›” μ „ +72

    Rug never disappoints us and puts so much work into all his videos to make us all happy. That's why we love Raze Fug!!!

    GET 60K ROBUX BY SUBSCRIBING κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    Let’s just appreciate the hard work that rug puts in for us

  • BreezyOnVR
    BreezyOnVR κ°œμ›” μ „ +9

    Let’s just appreciate the time and effort rug puts into his videos❀

  • Isabelle and Lily Gillin
    Isabelle and Lily Gillin κ°œμ›” μ „ +16

    Y'all are always amazing, and we appreciate what you do so much. Never forget that.

  • Marxpect
    Marxpect κ°œμ›” μ „ +27

    Bro you’re always looking to do nice things for the fam! Keep spreading positivity my guy πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • blossxc
    blossxc κ°œμ›” μ „ +14

    never a boring video, love how much u do n spend to entertain us ❀️

  •  Christy_coferβ˜…
    Christy_coferβ˜… 27 일 μ „ +7

    Lets appreciate the time and effort he puts in his videos❀

  • Amera Elmhleb
    Amera Elmhleb κ°œμ›” μ „ +27

    The amount of love that Fazerug has for his brother and Brawadis has for his brother is just beautiful ❀️❀️❀️

  • Only Football Shortsℒ️
    Only Football Shortsℒ️ κ°œμ›” μ „ +9

    Rug never disappoints!. Hoping to reach your level someday. Keep up the great content

  • margaret murphy
    margaret murphy κ°œμ›” μ „ +9

    Love this! Always giving back to his family!! ❀

  • Kaaraline Tagaloa
    Kaaraline Tagaloa κ°œμ›” μ „ +8

    never disappoints to put a smile on my face Brian and Brawadis let’s goalll! I need me one of those hoops lol so dope! 😊❀️

  • Yisroel
    Yisroel κ°œμ›” μ „ +11

    Props to papa rug for installing this hoop and everything for Brandon in the heat!! What a dad!! Love you guys!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

  • Ludwig2
    Ludwig2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +14

    We basically got two videos in one, thank you Brian for the love and support you give us ❀

  • ayesharasool81
    ayesharasool81 κ°œμ›” μ „ +8

    Rug never disappoints me whenever I watch him

  • Daniel Fedchuk
    Daniel Fedchuk κ°œμ›” μ „ +6

    Let’s just appreciate how much effort rug puts into these crazy videos!

  •  Christy_coferβ˜…
    Christy_coferβ˜… 27 일 μ „ +1

    I love how rug never disappoints us let’s just appreciate it❀

  • C J
    C J κ°œμ›” μ „ +7

    raze rug back with another bangerπŸ‘ŠπŸ½love how much he goes above and beyond for everyone and how much hard work he puts into his videos 🫢🏽

  • Hailey Angelini
    Hailey Angelini κ°œμ›” μ „ +8

    Rug goes above and beyond for everyone, we love you raze fug

  • Mary Argueta
    Mary Argueta κ°œμ›” μ „ +20

    Keep up the awesome work 😎 Faze Rug you work so hard for us ❀❀❀

  • 5.56 Kami
    5.56 Kami κ°œμ›” μ „ +4

    After months to a year im back to watching rug, it feels weird ngl lowkey makes me feel like a kid again

  • Jamal
    Jamal κ°œμ›” μ „ +10

    Bro Rug always does the best stuff for friends and family. Rug deserves so much subs and likes tbh.

  • FIFA sensation
    FIFA sensation κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

    Can we just appreciate how much Faze Rug cares for us.

  • terrance_tj417
    terrance_tj417 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    Appreciate the hard work keep it up rug we love u

  • Destiney Amerie
    Destiney Amerie κ°œμ›” μ „ +6

    Congrats Brandon πŸŽ‰ This was so nice of you Faze RugπŸ§‘πŸ’œ

  • Eduardo Roldan
    Eduardo Roldan κ°œμ›” μ „ +6

    Everyone needs a brother like rug ❀

  • Jasmine Vargas
    Jasmine Vargas κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    I love it how faze rug just makes awesome videos for us he is so caring!❀

  • Jeanet Chavez
    Jeanet Chavez κ°œμ›” μ „ +43

    Anyone love how faze rug can entertain us ❀

    GET 60K ROBUX BY SUBSCRIBING κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    Can’t we appreciate all the work rug puts into his vids and how nice he is

  • Luk Beaudry
    Luk Beaudry κ°œμ›” μ „ +6

    always making someone's day❀❀

  • The Equestrian Girl
    The Equestrian Girl κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    Rug, you are one of the most caring youtubers i know. You go out of your way to her others and I really appreciate all you effort you purt into these videos. Keep up the great work rug!

  • Chinmay Manghrani
    Chinmay Manghrani κ°œμ›” μ „ +6

    He never disappoints with his videos

  • Romeo
    Romeo  κ°œμ›” μ „ +6

    what a kind brother, never fails to make a great video ❀❀

  • Callie Dutton
    Callie Dutton κ°œμ›” μ „ +4

    Let’s appreciate how hard rug works ❀

    TTROY κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    Love what you do for your brother

  • Jordan Guidone
    Jordan Guidone κ°œμ›” μ „ +4

    Brian, absolutely love your videos. I am a huge fan of you and I am also a young parent like you mentioned in your video. Your videos absolutely make mine and my daughters days and I couldn’t thankyou enough for you all you do❀️

  • saparck x
    saparck x κ°œμ›” μ „ +10

    πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ always so helpful for the ppl u love ❀️❀️❀️ keep it up

  • Mrking
    Mrking κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    Rug never fails to intertain us

  • Paul Sharritt
    Paul Sharritt κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    Absolute great video,surprises all the way around,when you catch people by surprise even your own brother πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ!!

    WESLEY 17 일 μ „ +2

    Yo love these vids keep up the great workπŸŽ‰

  • B&A vlogs
    B&A vlogs κ°œμ›” μ „ +56

    Faze rug and the family never fail to put us down ❀

  • Datonesavage9099
    Datonesavage9099 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    Bro just know you never fail to entertain us

  • TheUltraGamer
    TheUltraGamer κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

    Can we appreciate how much rug delivers to his fan and family

  • Cassidy Williams
    Cassidy Williams κ°œμ›” μ „ +14

    Thank you for all the hard work you puts into your videos ! Much love from South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦β€οΈ!

    • Snipersen
      Snipersen κ°œμ›” μ „

      I'm in south Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

  • ΕΈvΓ¨Ε‘ ΔΆΓ«ΔΊΕ‚Γ½
    ΕΈvΓ¨Ε‘ ΔΆΓ«ΔΊΕ‚Γ½ κ°œμ›” μ „ +8

    Everybody deserve a brother like you❀

  • The curly crew
    The curly crew κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    Let’s give around of applause for rug

  • Nicole Hara
    Nicole Hara κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

    Love your videos love how positive you are ❀❀❀

  • noah halabi
    noah halabi κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    I love how rug doesn’t help with nothing he just goes and does the fun stuffπŸ˜‚

  • Emily
    Emily κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    Always making my day πŸ’–

  • Lisa S
    Lisa S κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    I always wanted something like this I love basketball so much this is my dream basketball court! great work!

  • Kolt Noren
    Kolt Noren κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    My boy Rug is the guy I look up to he inspires me so much every day!!!πŸ€

  • Terrance Assiniboine
    Terrance Assiniboine κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    Rug knows how to entertain me, I love it!

  • Anime killa
    Anime killa κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    Faze rug looking out for his family like usual ❀

  • Riley Fekete
    Riley Fekete κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    rug never fails to LETS GO GUYS!

  • Anthony Ponte
    Anthony Ponte κ°œμ›” μ „

    Can we appreciate that rug entertains us every day. Keep up the work❀️

  • Ale
    Ale κ°œμ›” μ „ +4

    Brian always has to make people happy.

  • Felipe Tzompa
    Felipe Tzompa κ°œμ›” μ „ +10

    Faze rug always does everything for his brother no matter what he does to him

  • Platform J
    Platform J κ°œμ›” μ „ +4

    Can appreciate how much effort Brandon and rug out in there videos

  • Mahammad Rayan
    Mahammad Rayan κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    You never fail to entertain us

  • diego ruiz
    diego ruiz κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    The videos on this court are gonna be fire. πŸ”₯

  • RoseMary
    RoseMary κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    can we just appreciate how much work Rug puts in his videos to entertain us

  • Courtney Bryant
    Courtney Bryant κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    You are for real the best brother and person all around!!! Much love

  • NRLEditz111
    NRLEditz111 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    The work rug puts in to his videos

  • Dh1clips
    Dh1clips κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    Don’t remember the last time I hit bored watching faze rug so entertaining and I think I’m speaking for everyone we love u rug keep goin😊

  • Freedome Bradley
    Freedome Bradley κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    Can everybody just appreciate how much work faze rug put into his videos

  • Grind
    Grind 20 일 μ „ +1

    Amazing video as always keep it up your videos are so interesting keep it up as always!

    ZIXTTY κ°œμ›” μ „

    when i started watch your videos i said its kinda boring but now i watch 3 hours per day and i support the effort you put in all the videos!!

  • zab
    zab κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

    ill forever laugh at whenever you say "lets go guys"

  • β€œmaasondv”
    β€œmaasondv” κ°œμ›” μ „ +8

    Rug never disappoints

  • Slay slay girly pop
    Slay slay girly pop κ°œμ›” μ „

    I love how respectful u are I come home from a bad day then I see your vids they make me smile so much love your positive attitude and energy

    • Slay slay girly pop
      Slay slay girly pop κ°œμ›” μ „

      @RUG... idk what that means

    • Saba Waqas
      Saba Waqas κ°œμ›” μ „

      @Slay slay girly pop They are telling you to text them, I got the same reply

    • Slay slay girly pop
      Slay slay girly pop κ°œμ›” μ „

      @RUG... love u so much wish I could visit u

  • Lime
    Lime κ°œμ›” μ „

    Rug puts so much into his videos that I wait until he posts again 😊

  • Rolexo
    Rolexo κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    Cant we appreciate how much brandon puts into his videosπŸ˜‚β€πŸŽ‰πŸ˜’

  • Jocelyn Castidades
    Jocelyn Castidades κ°œμ›” μ „

    My favorite yt blogger..thanks for always entertaining us. ❀❀❀

  • KazOnTheToaster
    KazOnTheToaster κ°œμ›” μ „ +50

    Rug never disappoints us he only delivers bangers πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ ❀❀❀!!!!!
    Edit: holy crap I did not expect this much likes tysm!!!!!

    • rxl
      rxl κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

      THE HAUNTED VIDEO GOT 250K!!!!!!

    • Bombast
      Bombast κ°œμ›” μ „


  • Mahi Mahi
    Mahi Mahi κ°œμ›” μ „

    Keep up the great work rug!

  • Atharv Patel
    Atharv Patel κ°œμ›” μ „

    I love when faze rug does things for others

  • Middle name lego
    Middle name lego κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    Brians face at 11:36 to 11:40 had me crackin upπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Middle name lego
      Middle name lego κ°œμ›” μ „

      How do i know your real you literally joined 14 min ago

  • isaiah jones
    isaiah jones κ°œμ›” μ „

    What I took from this video is that Noah is a smart kid, and that basketball goal is πŸ”₯

  • Lavender
    Lavender κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    What a awesome brother we appreciate how much u put effort in ur videos tysm ❀❀

    SAIF MULLA κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    Love such videos! Keep making such videos ❀

  • Efrenito
    Efrenito κ°œμ›” μ „

    The kindness of the family and noah

  • Ace
    Ace κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    Let’s appreciate all the hard work Rug puts into the video for us- every npc in the comment section

    REBECCA JOHNSON κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    Faze Rug never disappoints.He loves his family.

  • Lucent Doug
    Lucent Doug κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    W Rug, W Family, Everyone reading this please don’t let the bad days ruin you, but shape you into something great.

  • MetsFan41
    MetsFan41 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    Rug always works so hard for his videos

  • Arseni I.
    Arseni I. κ°œμ›” μ „

    I've been wanting this AI hoop for so long but only seen them in ads, the fact that Brandon got one is actually insane

  • Taymur Shahid
    Taymur Shahid κ°œμ›” μ „ +4

    Brian always makes people happy

  • Trevkost22
    Trevkost22 κ°œμ›” μ „

    11:36 rugs face tho πŸ˜‚

  • BeaπŸ₯³
    BeaπŸ₯³ κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    I love how Brian loves and cares for his brother!!❀❀

  • Khaled
    Khaled κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    ❀ love you you thanks for being positive and inspiring people like me ❀❀❀❀❀❀

  • Fernando Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    Love your videos Faze Rug. Thank you for entertaining us and your videos are litπŸ”₯. You always make my day every day when ever you upload a video

  • Play station
    Play station κ°œμ›” μ „

    Love itπŸŽ‰β€

  • Lori Dill
    Lori Dill κ°œμ›” μ „

    So nice of you Brian.

  • bluelistic
    bluelistic κ°œμ›” μ „ +50

    Papa rug and Noah deserve more recognition

    • Interno
      Interno κ°œμ›” μ „ +4


    • Mohamed Amin Hassan
      Mohamed Amin Hassan κ°œμ›” μ „


    • Bombast
      Bombast κ°œμ›” μ „

      Fax the best duo isn't rug and Noah, it's papa rug and Noah. Best duo for real

    • Yisroel
      Yisroel κ°œμ›” μ „

      Mainly papa rug

  • mimi
    mimi κ°œμ›” μ „

    Yooo I love ur vids so much and I appreciate the hard work u put in your videos for us to watch