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I Survived EVERY 1-Star Review in my City..

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2023. 10. 03.
  • I went to the lowest reviewed places in my city, and tested every 1 star review to see if they were TRUE..
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  21 일 전 +1336

    subscribe or you can only go to 1 star places for the rest of your life..

    • murph
      murph 21 일 전 +19


    • Atlutdpfps
      Atlutdpfps 21 일 전 +61

      Yes I liked my own reply

    • _It’s.Eve_
      _It’s.Eve_ 21 일 전 +10


    • Qeezy
      Qeezy 21 일 전 +8


    • 🌺〜椿姫〜🌺
      🌺〜椿姫〜🌺 21 일 전 +3

      Don't traslate🧠
      تۆ نەفرەتت لێ کراوە
      ئەگەر ناوت تۆمار نەکەیت لە ماوەی ٣ ڕۆژدا دەمری

  • Void
    Void 21 일 전 +197

    do you think it's possible that, even though they have 1 star reviews, that you're someone that people recognize more, so they try to give you a better experience? serious question + no hate. i think you should do this, but ask for a friend or find someone that doesn't get recognized easily and try this experiment again! loving the videos, rug! keep it up

    • Michelle champagne
      Michelle champagne 20 일 전 +3


    • o r
      o r 20 일 전 +13

      @Michelle champagnethat’s u he’s speaking the truth 😂

    • Briantrippin
      Briantrippin 20 일 전 +6

      That just customer service tho it mostly the food that giving them that rating

    • Siomara Lopez
      Siomara Lopez 20 일 전 +4

      I agree that’s what I was thinking ❤

    • Diego Mods
      Diego Mods 20 일 전 +7

      obviously he gets a different (better) treatment for being him


    To be honest - What do you expect when he comes in with a camera and they recognize him? Of course he won't get bad service or cold items etc. Should let someone else order for him and not even show himself or a camera to really test these places.

  • Stella squad
    Stella squad 10 일 전 +1

    Can we all take some time to appreciate how much love he puts into his vids!

  • Aayan gaming
    Aayan gaming 20 일 전 +15

    Mad respect to Brian for all the hard work he puts in his videos ❤

    • Niila Leppanen
      Niila Leppanen 20 일 전 +1

      yea tho the sponsor is not the greatest like hes promoting gambling websites to people under the ages of 18 most of his fans are around the age of 9-13

    • Kai_X
      Kai_X 12 일 전


    • Kai_X
      Kai_X 12 일 전

      The The tv

    • Kai_X
      Kai_X 12 일 전


  • JayWarrior
    JayWarrior 21 일 전 +53

    He never disappoints always makes me happy and smile 🔥🔥 Always an amazing day when FaZe Rug uploads

  • ShadowKId098
    ShadowKId098 20 일 전 +2

    Can we all just appreciate how awesome faze rug is and also how much time he spends on his videos and how much time Noah spends on the edits ❤

  • Daniel scott
    Daniel scott 20 일 전 +18

    Thank you for all of the hard work on these videos!!!❤

  • Kasun Wijendra
    Kasun Wijendra 20 일 전 +11

    Rug is such a positive person. He is enough to make the whole society a better place. We need more people like him. He always uploads a banger video 🔥😎. W Rug 👏🔥

  • court 0706
    court 0706 21 일 전 +13

    after all these years rug is still the same down to earth dude we always love🤞🏻😁

  • I’m from Ohio
    I’m from Ohio 21 일 전 +8

    Can we just respect the things he doing to entertain us❤

  • Living With Avery
    Living With Avery 19 일 전 +3

    You always surprise us with an amazing video to watch, you always entertain us. I love how you put in so much work into you’re videos, I’ve watched you for a while now. I love you and you are so talented and do such an amazing job on you’re videos. Sending you love and support. ❤

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    Let’s appreciate how much effort puts in his videos making our day better*

  • Jack_Nurse96
    Jack_Nurse96 20 일 전 +9

    Rug never disappoints

  • Brandon Ravalec
    Brandon Ravalec 15 일 전 +1

    Bro I love ur videos watching for a few yrs now I don't think u going in and doing a review is a truly fair review only because everyone basically knows who u r and loves u plus they all went out of there way to make sure u had the best of what they could do knowing that if they did something not cool it would be on faze review lol plus I think alot of these complaints were late at night when the stuff isn't fresh like the early part of the day just my opinion but plz keep up the great vids and never ever stop being yourself

  • Dragon Samurai
    Dragon Samurai 21 일 전 +9

    I think a better idea for this would be to have a random person go check these low places before u, cuz these workers are more likely to improve their service cuz their in your vid. But if it was a random person instead, they might get treated differently

  • Jasper Bear
    Jasper Bear 20 일 전 +7

    You can’t expect customer service to be bad when they know who you are

  • dina
    dina 21 일 전 +10

    Rug! as per usual, the best content. cant tell you how much i appreciate ur videos with others working with you too 😁. Love you Rug, My best youtuber ever.

  • sfb44000
    sfb44000 20 일 전 +7

    The bug rice in the rice thing is not a bug, its a feature.
    But on a serious note, those bugs are very common in fresh rice bags in Asia. They only eat rice and are usually washed away before cooking (we wash our rice before cooking).

  • BayArea650
    BayArea650 21 일 전 +10

    Love all the unique videos you do ❤

  • Tybluemoney4k
    Tybluemoney4k 20 일 전 +4

    My boy back at it keep going in don’t stop I love your work keep going up ❤🔥

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    *I can't wait, always makes everything more funny and enjoyable :D**

  • Marcus M
    Marcus M 21 일 전 +9

    Can we appreciate how much effort he puts in his video

  • Grind
    Grind 7 일 전 +1

    Your videos are so amazing and interesting keep it up as always!

  • Matt Hager
    Matt Hager 20 일 전 +5

    Brian is the best content creator because of how real his reactions are.

  • Pixel Dog Art
    Pixel Dog Art 21 일 전 +6

    he never fails to entertain us❤❤❤

  • Unitoons
    Unitoons 21 일 전 +3

    We can all agree that FaZe Rug never disappoints us ❤

    • ForgiveZharion
      ForgiveZharion 21 일 전

      I don't care. I make superior content !!

  • Hanif Muhammad
    Hanif Muhammad 19 일 전 +1

    U work so hard for us let's just appreciate his hard work

  • court 0706
    court 0706 21 일 전 +9

    love this vid ❤️ keep up the hard work.

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    *Let’s all appreciate how makes us smile every day hos*

  • Diego Camacho
    Diego Camacho 20 일 전 +2

    His videos always get better and better 🎉❤

  • Odog55
    Odog55 21 일 전 +11

    Bro the effort he puts into every vid 😊

  • Jacinta
    Jacinta 15 일 전

    Rug never disappoints us I just love him he is one of the best yt on the platform ❤❤

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    *Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort puts into the content for us💙**

  • MrPhonk
    MrPhonk 21 일 전 +6

    Amazing vid bro 😊 Spreading positivity always

  • Anmol  4m
    Anmol 4m 19 일 전

    Such dedication to post videos regularly. Constant love from Amritsar.

  • Beamer boy
    Beamer boy 20 일 전 +2

    Rug is the only KRclipr that’s still the same and hasn’t switched up ❤

  • _ZeeEditss
    _ZeeEditss 21 일 전 +30

    Rug never disappoints 🎉❤

  • @WolfXq5
    @WolfXq5 21 일 전 +9

    Rug never fails to disappoint us

  • CoolOrigami
    CoolOrigami 20 일 전

    Rug always makes my day no matter how bad it gets! BTW love that Juice WRLD drip!

    ALBION  21 일 전 +7

    i love u and ur family bro keep up the hard work

    RNYEDITZ 21 일 전 +51

    We all should appreciate faze rug for what he does for us❤

    • Adm Mr
      Adm Mr 20 일 전

      Like what 🤔

  • Hxted
    Hxted 20 일 전 +1

    This was a banger as always, do more food videos :))

  • Mr devil
    Mr devil 20 일 전 +1

    Love you videos. You inspire us every single day. Hope to meet you in UK someday.😎🎉

  • Ethan Does Stuff
    Ethan Does Stuff 21 일 전 +11


  • Dreadful
    Dreadful 21 일 전 +10

    Can we just appreciate the effort he puts in his vids

    • ForgiveZharion
      ForgiveZharion 21 일 전

      I don't care. I make superior content !!!

    • pavelgamer
      pavelgamer 21 일 전 +1

      Bro has one vid😂

  • The Equestrian Girl
    The Equestrian Girl 20 일 전

    Yes! bringing back the reviwes! My favorite videos you make!

  • ItsAlexx
    ItsAlexx 21 일 전 +8

    Love ur content rug keep it up

  • 4DEEP
    4DEEP 21 일 전 +2

    You’re the goat faze rug. Love you brother. Hope you’re having a blessed day. Thank you for blessing my day with this new video.

  • Mahi Mahi
    Mahi Mahi 21 일 전 +9

    Keep up the great work Faze Rug! Love watching your vids!😊

  • the king 👑
    the king 👑 13 일 전 +1

    Honestly when i was younger i used to watch faze rug and now just coming back to it is just 🤯like wow all of his videos are amazing as always.

  • Henry Bonilla
    Henry Bonilla 21 일 전 +9

    Always a great day when we get a Rug video 🐐

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    *I've been watching this for year's, and they still never fail to make me smile**

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    This Dude is amazing Keep Hustling Brodie💪🏼❤️🙏💰

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    Love your videos Faze Rug. Thank you for entertaining us and your videos are lit🔥. You always make my day every day when ever you upload a video

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    Alot of bad reviews depends on what shift the customer was dealing with when the review was made. This only relates to fast food places.

  • Domlebronjames23
    Domlebronjames23 19 일 전

    Wow rug u never disappoint i love ur videos bro 🙏 much love

  • Lisa Kotrob
    Lisa Kotrob 20 일 전

    Let's just give him a round of applause. I use to be a KRclipr but I quit after hate comments. My brother (4th grade) got in the news and talked to a meteorologist and he said after "ill be the next faze rug!". You made our day. We love you 💖

  • Fidias is BEST
    Fidias is BEST 21 일 전 +9

    Rug always makes my day

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    BennettDoesYT 21 일 전 +12

    Who else is happy when rug uploads? I love when he does❤

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      Toca nature 21 일 전

      YAS ❤❤❤❤ love the VIDS

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    Let’s say that faze never fails to make us smile ❤

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      ForgiveZharion 21 일 전

      I don't care. I make superior content !!!

  • Iiman Abdullahi
    Iiman Abdullahi 19 일 전

    The 1-Star series is back!? Lets go!

  • joshi jeeva
    joshi jeeva 17 일 전 +1

    Great vids keep it up❤

  • tyler miller
    tyler miller 21 일 전 +3

    Love these videos but i feel like you should start hiring random people to go inside an do the review to many people know you an are nice to you compared to a normal person walking in you will always get a totally different experience unless if the people working dont know you but every spot you went all of them knew you so its going to make them want to be nice an make your order correct/fresh/quick

  • Nicolee Palmer0403
    Nicolee Palmer0403 21 일 전

    You’re so entertaining to watch, watched ever since the first haunted tunnel video

  • Akshit Brijesh
    Akshit Brijesh 19 일 전

    His videos just light up my whole day😊😊

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    Noah Everitt 20 일 전

    rug always makes my day when he uploads

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    MistaDoppo 19 일 전

    Another fire content from rug! 🔥🔥

  • Cody Hale
    Cody Hale 20 일 전 +1

    I feel like the reason why none of the reviews were accurate for your visit was because you are Faze Rug and they don’t want you to have a bad experience

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  • Necole Joseph Forcadilla
    Necole Joseph Forcadilla 20 일 전 +2

    I am a Filipino and I'm so proud of you Bryan🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Jaythaniel Vela
    Jaythaniel Vela 20 일 전

    Faze rug always finds a way to put a smile on your face

  • Aqil.muazシ
    Aqil.muazシ 20 일 전 +1

    In Asian it’s pretty normal for us the bug in the rice😂like if you live in Malaysia or Indonesia it’s pretty common for us seeing bugs in rice we call that bug as “kutu beras” in here,if you wanna get rid of that bug you just need to wash the rice properly until all the bug are gone hope this explain to you😊

  • Habibishek
    Habibishek 20 일 전 +1

    Never fails to make me smile

  • Yashmit kumar
    Yashmit kumar 20 일 전

    I always smile while watching ur videos 😊

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    Alexander 21 일 전 +7

    Let’s appreciate this video we love you rug ❤❤❤

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    Chosen One 20 일 전 +1

    Faze rug never fails to entertain

  • Melinda
    Melinda 18 일 전

    I absolutely love your content! I’m in my mid 30s lol I remember the first video i ever seen of you and your brothers. He was prancing you about your destroying your Yeezys lol now my son that is 12 loves watching you! It’s awesome we both can enjoy your videos you are such a positive light! Thank you for making excellent videos!!!! ❤

  • Zahraa
    Zahraa 20 일 전 +1

    I literally had the worst day ever and you made my day❤

  • mrsthatpullsboys
    mrsthatpullsboys 20 일 전 +1

    The bugs in the bag of rice is very common, its a bug that are in rice you need to wash the rice like 3 times before eating it if you see a bug.

  • Younhee Son
    Younhee Son 20 일 전

    Bro thanks for being honest and not lie like other KRcliprs. I swear your the kindest KRclipr