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Exposing Things You've Been Doing Wrong Every Day...

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  • κ²Œμ‹œμΌ 2023. 10. 03.
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +2224

    what's one thing you learned from this that you were doing wrong?

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +217

    Noah always finds a way for us to laughπŸ˜‚

    • Cameron Vargo
      Cameron Vargo 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1


    • Sushu
      Sushu 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

      🫡 be like β€œπŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“ faze rug makes me crack up”

    • Aaron
      Aaron 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

      For real

    • Sushu
      Sushu 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

      @Aaron you talking to me

    • Slime_POVS
      Slime_POVS 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

      Skibidi toilet

  •  Christy_coferβ˜…
    Christy_coferβ˜… 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +32

    I love that he puts in so much effort and love into these videos for us ❀

  • RichBoiJ-T
    RichBoiJ-T 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

    Can we all just appreciate how much work he puts into making videos for us ❀️

  • RacksP
    RacksP 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +25

    Always got great content to watch when just trying to chill with loved ones or enjoy some food keep it up.

  • Cam Gotswag
    Cam Gotswag 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +4

    Let’s just appreciate how much effort he puts into his videos ❀❀❀

  • Nora Rahman
    Nora Rahman 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +119

    Brian always finds a way to entertain usπŸ˜‚

    • @YovngRiC0
      @YovngRiC0 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

      You a lil 😏

  • lenson eudy
    lenson eudy 13 일 μ „ +1

    I've been watching you my entire life I love your positivity

  • Aubree Mach
    Aubree Mach 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +100

    I love that rug takes his time in every video, keep it up ❀❀

    • RainCapizUnknown
      RainCapizUnknown 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

      ​@rotaryclubdelavras2438bro I can read it without translation

    • Anahar Ahmed
      Anahar Ahmed 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

      Bro Noah is funny afff and rug bro but no offense Noah is funnier

  • Darline Jean
    Darline Jean 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    He never fail to make our day better, thank you rug really appreciate it❀

  • Yasmeen
    Yasmeen 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +34

    Let’s all give a hand to Brian for always entertaining us and posting the best KRclip videosβœ‹πŸΌ

  • Ricardo Ramirez
    Ricardo Ramirez 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +4

    Your videos are always so fun to learn and to try out new thingsπŸ’ͺ

  • Maria Mercado
    Maria Mercado 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +9

    It's always a great day when fazerug uploads. Love watching your videos 😊 funny and entertaining

  • Grind
    Grind κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    Your videos are so amazing and interesting keep it up as always!

    NADAISHER 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +62

    Respect to Brian for how much he posts to make us happy and entertained he should of had a longer break then just 1 week but he didn’t. Love you rug! (And I’m out pease✌🏽 )

    • PESS1R
      PESS1R 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

      Bro used an outro πŸ€£πŸ’€πŸ’€

  • Riyana Samaira
    Riyana Samaira 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    I never get tired of your videos . They always entertain me .. keep it up πŸ™Œ

  • ATKSouth
    ATKSouth 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +29

    Appreciate you telling us what we have been doing wrong.

  • Roxy Glitter Queen
    Roxy Glitter Queen κ°œμ›” μ „

    OMG you guys rock I am so sharing this to my Facebook I have nearly 5,000 people of there so cross fingers they all see it and will share it to my local community pages/groups in Australia thank you for posting this learnt alot appreciate you guys xoxoxo

  • Lucienne Wiese
    Lucienne Wiese 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +6

    Didn’t even start the vid and I already know this Is going to be an amazing video. Keep up the work. Love your videos. ❀
    Don’t let the hate get to you if it’s on YT or in real life. Just know you are doing your best.

  • OMG.Dayveon
    OMG.Dayveon κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    I’ve been doing the ketchup thing and towel thing for the longest πŸ˜‚

  • ATKSouth
    ATKSouth 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    always lovely to see you posted:D always fun to watch while snacking aha

  • a closet weeb
    a closet weeb 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +26

    Thank you so much for always making fye videos I hope you have a amazing day and lets all thank him for all that he does and the effort he puts in comment if you agree

  • rug rat
    rug rat 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

    Dude rug is the one guy that always gives back to the community

  • DylWTF
    DylWTF 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    hey guys this video was so entertaining keep up the work

  • scottsiheke
    scottsiheke 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    you always find a way to entertain us❀❀❀

  • Meagan Prugh
    Meagan Prugh 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    Your kindness warms my heart

  • KKX9
    KKX9 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    You always are nice and generally just make my day

  • Bumbleprime27
    Bumbleprime27 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    your one of my new favorite creators, thank you so much for the great content, keep it up!

  • Giedre Sodaityte
    Giedre Sodaityte 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    I love that rug takes his time in every video, keep it upπŸ₯°

  • 27clvb
    27clvb 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    I love these videos bc I learn a lot from these videos

  • Mmusho Sithole
    Mmusho Sithole 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    ❀ your videos continue to do this

  • TuxVr
    TuxVr 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +112

    Every time Faze Rug uploads, it’s always a great and funny history lesson. Better than basically every teacher out there.

    • Muun
      Muun 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

      gtag player???

    • JadenMinecraft Maximum
      JadenMinecraft Maximum 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

      U have been breathing wrong lol

    • Jonille Harris
      Jonille Harris 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

      I love all his content and he never seem to disappoint.

    • VDG
      VDG 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

      Whoever is reading this:
      Your skin isn’t a paper don’t cut it
      Your body isn’t a book don’t judge it
      Your heart isn’t a door don’t lock it
      Your life isn’t a movie don’t end it
      Your beautiful
      Be you... Stay safe
      (By the way I’m also a small youtube looking for your support)
      I didn’t create this quote πŸ’•
      Just trying to spread positivityπŸ™‚

    • TuxVr
      TuxVr 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

      @Muun yes

  • Omer Kaya
    Omer Kaya 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    So much energy everytime keep it up love your videos ❀❀❀

  • Angela Crespo-Holland
    Angela Crespo-Holland κ°œμ›” μ „

    bro you are making fire videos keep it up you will be the best of the best

  • AnimeEdits4life
    AnimeEdits4life 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how Rug takes this much time and effort for our enjoyment? We love u RugπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • Anthony antARBY5000
    Anthony antARBY5000 κ°œμ›” μ „

    8:43 the same thing happens with those clear fridge/freezer doors at super markets. as we all know, it likes to slam closed on you when you're trying to grab your milk or whatever. If you open it all the way, it will lock open, so it won't close on you when you're grabbing stuff, and then you can just close it like normal.

  • Lynnette
    Lynnette 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    My mind was blown on that last one!! I love these type of videos because I learn so much!! Glad to know I knew about the gas cap one haha

  • Kay Thornton
    Kay Thornton 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    You two are hilariousπŸ˜‚ love it

  • Alt
    Alt κ°œμ›” μ „

    The water one’s actually quite cheap for what it is. I’ve seen ones that are like $50 and all they do is filter they don’t do anything else like that so I might actually get one.

  • CLIPS_Editz
    CLIPS_Editz 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +5

    Let’s just take a moment to enjoy everything faze rug does for usπŸŽ‰β€πŸŽ‰

  • The Super Gamer879
    The Super Gamer879 κ°œμ›” μ „

    ive been doing the towel fold thingy for the longest time now lol

  • Fernando Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +20

    Love your videos Faze Rug. Thank you for entertaining us and your videos are litπŸ”₯. You always make my day every day when ever you upload a video

  • Jose Alfaro Leon
    Jose Alfaro Leon 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    I for sure learned something new today thank you guys🀣🀣!!

  • Cameron Gonzalez
    Cameron Gonzalez 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    Rug always throwing out bangers❀❀

  • Mason Chance
    Mason Chance κ°œμ›” μ „

    Thank you for exposing the people who eat their bananas wrong. Thank you.

  • Goofyroblox
    Goofyroblox 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    Let’s appreciate the effort that faze rug put in his videos!

    RNYEDITZ 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    We all should appreciate faze rug for what he does for us ❀

  • Albanian
    Albanian 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +27

    Rug never fails to entertain us Fr big love

    • Amra Iljazi
      Amra Iljazi 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

      Frr im albanian too prsh!β€πŸ‡¦πŸ‡±

  • M D
    M D 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    yall are my fav youtuber keep it up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Football_EditX2
    Football_EditX2 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    Faze never fails to entertain us❀

  • Claudit Ganas
    Claudit Ganas 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    This video just proved to me how lazy we actually are....always taking the easy quick way out missing so many things

  • Royden Eckhardt
    Royden Eckhardt 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    I love these life hack videos. I always learn some new things in these videos. Thanks for sharing Master Rug and Noah. You guys are super awesome. πŸ‘

  • passion
    passion 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    I appreciate you and your content ❀ keep it up I love you , I've been waiting for your video all day long πŸ˜‚β€β€

  • Keilea
    Keilea 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    This whole video just nave me rethink my whole life

  • I like beansπŸ’…
    I like beansπŸ’… 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    Im so happy your back for more amazing contentβ™₯β™₯β™₯

  • RenΓ©e Kazarian
    RenΓ©e Kazarian 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    Omg learnt so much stuff haha mind blowing! Thanks boys xo

  • LP
    LP 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +12

    So inspirational dude keep it up honestly cuz I’m not doing to well rn

  • Jdawg
    Jdawg 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    Noah always making these videos 10x better πŸ’― πŸ”₯

  • Ben Collins
    Ben Collins 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    Rugs the goat thank you for the happiness you bring to your vids

  • Keep it Simple
    Keep it Simple 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    The size of the staple matters depending on the weight and/or how many papers you are stapling.

  • Liz Barcala
    Liz Barcala 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    IM SO HAPPY you make my day better when I watch your videos

  • Abass Gareth
    Abass Gareth 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    Feel like rewatching ❀

  • Clint Roland
    Clint Roland 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +90

    7:12 the way he looked back and stared at them is so funny πŸ˜‚

  • Rigon
    Rigon 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    i always get excited when you upload a video and i always support you every day keep it up everyday❀

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    Nicola Green 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    I love watching your videos they’re so entertaining

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    I've been using the towel trick for yrs nowπŸ˜‚. How do guys not know about that ?

  • AgnΓ¨s Kalinda
    AgnΓ¨s Kalinda 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    I love how faze rug treats his friends like family ❀

  • Corbin Runkel
    Corbin Runkel 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    The staple thing is made for when you intend to remove the staple. It makes it easier.

  • qauzify
    qauzify 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

    FaZe Rug puts sooo much effort into his vids can we just take a moment for that ❀

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    Naruyo Weeb 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    You never disappoint us rug thank you for all your hard work

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    Ryan2Tuff 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    I was having a bad day today and now that i’m watching faze rug it’s 100 times better. Thank you FaZe Rug

  • Gemini Stars
    Gemini Stars 3 일 μ „

    Noah always is funny and faze is funny to love u guys πŸ˜‰

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    Brad & Brady 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +8

    Let’s appreciate how much work he puts in these video love you rug❀

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      Kmt56822 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

      I am a circle

    • Reny Vivienna
      Reny Vivienna κ°œμ›” μ „

      Are you Malay. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Filia_Regis
    Filia_Regis 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    I’m surprised people didn’t know abt the space bar, the ice cream and the way Noah eats popcorn πŸ˜‚

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    YaBoiGrant 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +3

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    FlatVR 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

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    Sub 2me pls 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

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    leeeksualesi 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    learnt alot from this πŸ˜‚ thaanks rug & noah 😊 love watching yall β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

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    Mamba24K8 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +4

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    Victoria 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    Faze makes summer more bearable this passes the time and the videos are so entertaining

  • Danielius
    Danielius 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    I absolutely love your vids i have been watching you for 5-6 years ,Keep recording bangers πŸ’―β­

  • Lala
    Lala 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

    What you can also do is put the ice cream in a ziplock bag and it will be soft and easy to scoop.πŸ¦πŸ˜‹

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    sean 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +2

    WOW, i love how genuinely connected is with his videos. Thank you for making my year rug. But awesome video πŸŽ‰β€.

  • prabhakhurana
    prabhakhurana 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

    I've been watching your videos for ages. you are awesome! you deserve more subs than MrBeast

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    Rachel Martin 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

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    Olivia Xx 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +2


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    • Hassan Loukili
      Hassan Loukili 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

      if you want to understand the quran , watch sheikh imran hosein talk about who are gog and magog from th quran and who is dajjal the false messiah ,

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      k9yy 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

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    Himaya Denethmi 2 κ°œμ›” μ „

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    Connor Cappetta22 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +1

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    Dylan_thegoat123 2 κ°œμ›” μ „ +77

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